I have attended many seminars, courses and training. I have studied history, geography, business, politics, and other social sciences (philosophy etc.) IN ALL OF THESE THINGS, I have never had as good an instructor as Sid Ridgley.

P.S. Delleman, CD, BA, MA,
Battle Mountain Canada Ltd. -

The presentation was easy to comprehend. Extremely productive and will definitely increase sales for both the individual and company as a whole.

John Ball
Sales Consultant, Yamaha Music Canada Ltd. -

The Board worked diligently through three planning sessions, guided by Mr. Sid Ridgley of Simul Co. He is an expert in the field of Customer satisfaction and long term planning. Sid did an outstanding job leading us to our conclusions.

Ken Hogan
Chairman, Ontario Electrical League -

Engaging, fun and knowledgeable

Ian Stewart, Sunoco Inc.

Sid was the most engaging instructor I have had. I have been on courses with U of T, Queens, Darden and Sid was the best.

Winning Collaboration Participant 03/06, Microsoft

Well Done. Interactive, well paced program. Excellent concepts about recognition, attitude, reinforcement, customer satisfaction. Promote the “we” concept to customer satisfaction.

Mike Runighan
Supervisor, Toronto Hydro -

A motivational and informative way to identify why patient satisfaction is down and common sense ways to improve them..

Missy Litten
Pharmacy, CHW Central California -

Extremely good. Provokes thought and introspection and most important has a definitive style, giving very specific action steps to follow. The coach’s rich experience helps in understanding how other have worked towards achieving the desired changes and lends an element of practicality to the exercise.

High Potential Designate, Citigroup [India]

The ability to improve through the tools & ideas given throughout the workshop.Very effective & interesting. A valuable 4 hours.

Brent Wheeler
Branch Manager, Nedco -

Sid is a great speaker. He has the knowledge to teach others. When he speaks, you want to listen to what he is saying because its all so positive. When you leave, he makes you want to improve yourself 100%, and you do

Debra Rogers
Catholic Healthcare West -